My Low Tox Tribe

Ever been in the supermarket and remembered mid-shop you left the canvas bags in the car? What makes you go back at get them? Your community. The two main reasons to love your community; accountability and collective wisdom.

Issue 2

This edition is definitely going to take your biz to the next level. You can become a productivity ninja or become fluent in graphic designer speak! The pages also contain incredible insights and practical tips from small business owners in the wellbeing world.

Mobile Is King

Two things. First, optimise your online presence for a mobile audience. Second, create useful content for that audience to consume online. Both are your key to growth and success and let me tell you why with a few key facts:

DIY Videos

You gotta do it! People love to see the person behind the brand and you want to give your customers what they want, right? I have created a video with all my top tips for filming (the minimum equipment/ programs you need) and also for presenting (how to get that natural flow).

Business And Passion Blends Well

I think you want to meet Cass. She’s the sparky lady who has combined her personal passion for wellbeing with bright business ideas to create the life she loves! We found out more about how a background in natural therapies can also lead to an additional income stream in the health food and beverage industry. 

Inspiration + Advice Bites

We love to meet the people behind incredible small businesses doing something new in the health and wellbeing space! This week we spoke to Claudia Marks about her allergy friendly snack brand Zero Bites. If you're keen to know what it takes to get a new health food product off the ground, this ones for you...

On Job Hunting: Resilience + Calm

Not hearing back from recruiters, being unsuccessful, forever interviewing, can take a toll on you physically and mentally. There is nothing wrong with taking your time to find the right job. The last thing you want is to hate the job you landed and having to get back into all over again. Here are 7 ways to build your resilience:

Wellness Blog Start-Up Story

Guest Blog Post By The Paleo Power Couple. Starting out as a wellness blogger and business owner can be daunting. It seems like an insurmountable hurdle. During our first 12 months we’ve learned so many things, and we’re delighted to have an opportunity to share them with you.

Blog Content Toolkit

You know what? A great blog is made up of a lot of things like content, format, community and consistency. Our 'Blogging For Growth' course goes a long way you getting your readership numbers up but this article will help you with what to actually blog about...

Building A Newsletter Program

When business owners ask how to use their contacts email addresses to best effect the answer is often; create a great newsletter program. In this article I will cover the absolute non-negotiables of creating a brilliant email newsletter program that create community, fosters good-will for your brand, and may even make sales :)

Stay Well This Christmas

Guest post by Natalee Anderson: The new year is a busy time for me, I often find myself helping women pick up the pieces of their broken selves, shattered after rushing around trying to please everyone and not giving one moment's thought to their own self-care. The trends I see are weight gain, hormone imbalance, exhaustion, cold and flu, anxiety, depression, upset tummies, irregular periods and, well, the list could probably go on.

A Healthier Way To Care For Activewear

Now I don’t know about you, but I like to take good care for my activewear because well, high-quality activewear doesn’t come cheap! Carefully coordinated high-performance leggings and crop tops are an expensive obsession. These tips will help you prolong the use of your items and keep them smelling fresh post workout.

No Nasty Decisions

Are you feeling the fear? Worried about turning your passion into your business? This one's for you. We asked Natalia Michael, founder of No Nasties Makeup, to give us her experience of making the big leap of faith. How does someone with a stable corporate job end up throw it in to be queen of non-toxic kids makeup? And what pointers does she have for you?

Working Mum Green Beauty* Guide

* I say 'beauty' but what I really mean is the minimisation of the risk I look 45 years older than I am due to the insane mix of multi-tasking induced anxiety, lack of sleep, and lack of ability to spend more than 2 mins at a time alone. 

And so with that here are my recommendations for eco-friendly and low-tox skin care products. Things that work for me and my routine, I use the term 'routine' loosely...

You think you know a guy...

Getting to know your target audience is probably something you did before you even launched your business. In times of lagging sales or launching a new initiative businesses tend to revisit their audience, they think a bit more about what they want and why.